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Regxia’s newest service offering is an online training webinar on a variety of topics of interest to our customers. The first program we offer is GCP – Good Clinical Practice. Unlike traditional online training webinars, Regxia strives to provide high learner interactivity with thought-provoking checkpoints that help create a stimulating learning experience. Given Regxia’s in-depth and up-to-date awareness of global regulatory requirements, you can be assured that this training program has been developed with a goal to give you an overall understanding and appreciation of the principles of Good Clinical Practice. The program delivers to you the concepts of GCP as defined by the ICH, Health Canada, FDA and the EMA along with affiliated clinical and ethical policy makers.

Regxia Training lets you complete the course at your own pace and wherever you want. The program monitors your progress, which allows you to pause and return later to the course at the point where you left off.

We highlight key definitions and concepts in a glossary which is available for reference at any time throughout the course. You can also refer to resource documents when you need them, via our Resources page.

The Regxia GCP Training Program is suitable for both individuals and organizations. Larger groups can receive pricing discounts for registration, but each trainee will complete the program individually and receive a personal certificate to document his or her success.

To learn more about the first training module in Regxia’s series of regulatory training programs, please follow the link below.

Module 1: Good Clinical Practice

Course Module 1
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Not sure how the new Health Canada GCP regulations affect you? Read our free white paper!

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